Digital innovation increasingly viewed as a tool to improve efficiency in the planning process

    Digital innovation, particularly artificial intelligence (AI) has been a subject of considerable speculation and debate throughout much of the 21st century.

    Why is the UK struggling to deliver high-quality retirement housing?

    There has been a consistent under delivery of sheltered housing for the elderly in recent years leading to increasing pressures to overcome barriers. Sheltered housing for the elderly is required in sustainable locations that promote independent living, typically in the hearts of towns and villages.

    Revised Appeal Timescale

    Revised data have been published by PINS (Planning Inspectorate) in October 2018 providing the new timescales for handling appeals by Written Representations and Hearings which clearly confirm that these have lengthened since the start of the year.

    The Letwin Review – Recommends new planning rules

    Sir Oliver Letwin’s Review of ​‘build out rates’ was delivered on time as part of the Budget. The review was initiated by the Government with the aim to understanding why there is a gap between housing completions and the amount of land allocated or permissioned to build on in areas of high housing demand, and how this gap could be closed.

    Optimis is Highly Commended for the RTPI Learning Partner Award 2018

    We are delighted to been highly commended by the judges for the RTPI learning Partner Award which recognises excellence in learning and development for planners by employers who have been accredited as RTPI Learning Partners.