Surveyors Report Short-Term Decline in Housing Market in Amid Continuing Political Uncertainty

    Respondents to the December UK Residential Market Survey have reported a short-term decline in demand from buyers, a reduction in stock from estate agents, and a fall in house prices.

    Optimis secures delegated officer approval for 22 dwellings in Houghton Regis

    In December 2018, Optimis secured delegated officer approval for an outline residential development of up to 22 dwellings. Optimis was first involved in the project in 2009 and have been promoting the land for development through three Local Plans, culminating in a planning application in early 2018.

    Optimis secures consent to develop 16 new homes in Luton

    In December 2018 Optimis secured the redevelopment of an industrial site on land to the north of Luton Town Centre. Located in High Town, an area of regeneration north of the main Railway Station, Optimis has secured a development to deliver 16 new 1 and 2 bed apartments in two buildings.

    Recent High Court judgement on Section 73

    A recent High Court ruling in November 2018 found that a condition could be altered under Section 73 to contradict a permission, as long as the variation did not represent a “fundamental alteration of the proposal put forward in the original application” and could lawfully have been imposed on the original permission at the time.

    Increase in the Delivery of Affordable Housing

    A 12% increase (between 2016/17 to 2017/18) in the number of affordable houses in England has been revealed by new Government figures.