Optimis obtained consent for 4 dwellings on part of a 2-acre site that lay within the defined boundary of the village. The surplus land was outside the settlement boundary and was acquired by clients to deliver 20 dwellings located on the surplus land was considered exceptional to countryside policy because it generated the funding to deliver a range of substantial community benefits including a new community centre for £1.7m

Optimis worked over a three-year period as part of a village working group to deliver a development that met the varying needs of village groups, organisations and the Parish Council. The project was heralded as significant success in the District to the extent that a new policy was formed in the emerging development plan to cater for such community led schemes.

• Innovative approach to delivery

• Engaging with all areas of the community and seeking the views of all residents including difficult to reach groups

• Offering personal consultation to all organisations, groups and residents

• Innovative design approach through dialogue with most effected residents

• Managing a multi-disciplinary team

Achieving delegated consent and providing 
very positive cash flow benefits to the client whilst delivering homes and local facilities at the earliest opportunities

Client satisfaction and support from 
community groups

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