Permitted Development Rights: Light Industrial to Residential (Class PA)

The temporary permitted development right for change of use from light industrial to residential became a reality on 1st October 2017.

For the next three years, changing the use of a light industrial building (or part of a building so used) that is Use Class B1(c) to residential (Use Class C3) benefits from a new permitted development right, subject to a prior approval process and various limitations and conditions.

One of the limitations requires the gross floorspace of the existing building not to exceed 500 sqm.

As part of the prior approval process the Local Planning Authority must consider whether its prior approval is required with regard to:

• Transport and highways impact
• Contamination risk
• Flood risk
• Whether the change of use of the building to residential would have an adverse impact on the sustainability of the provision of industrial and/or storage or distribution services in that area, if the building (or part of a building for partial conversion) is considered by the LPA as important for the provision of those services.

Author: Natasha Abbott

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