Vale of Aylesbury Local Plan Proposed Main Modifications

Aylesbury Vale District Council published their Main Modifications for consultation which will run for the period of 5th November 2019 until 17th December 2019.

The most notable changes are as follows:

  • A revised housing figure with an increase of at least 1270 dwellings bringing the total to 28,600 home that will require a 5.2% buffer. There is also a shift in spatial strategy to the north of the District to cut commuting times to MK in line with NPPF policy. The choice was made to focus on one strategic allocation, three appropriate sites were reassessed, and Shenley Park was selected based on Flood Risk Assessment and Landscape Comparison Assessment evidence.
  • Supporting Policy Documents (SPDs) to the Vale of Aylesbury Local Plan were reduced from 20 to 8. Several documents have been amalgamated into one overarching document including; the Aylesbury Garden Town SPDs being combined and the AGT Design SPD has been brought into the District Design guide.
  • Transport Policies T2 and T3 have been amended to reflect the Council’s opposition to the Oxford Cambridge Expressway following their decision in September 2019. Local transport schemes are given support and policies maps have been updated to reflect this.

Proposed modifications also include amendments to increase clarity, reduce inconsistencies and policy requirements have been brought into Policies from supporting texts. Policy Maps were also updated to reflect changes from proposed Main Modifications.

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