Revised Appeal Timescale

Revised data have been published by PINS (Planning Inspectorate) in October 2018 providing the new timescales for handling appeals by Written Representations and Hearings which clearly confirm that these have lengthened since the start of the year. The below figures show the updated timescales from receipt of the appeal to a decision being issued:

Planning Appeals

  • Written representations: 28 weeks (previously 24 weeks)
  • Hearings: 40 weeks (previously 36 weeks)
  • Inquiries: 43 weeks (previously 49 weeks)
  • Householder appeals: 14 weeks (previously 15 weeks)

Enforcement Appeals

  • Written representations: 36 weeks (previously 40 weeks)
  • Hearings: 42 weeks (previously 37 weeks)
  • Inquiries: 58 weeks (previously 60 weeks)

However, it is interesting to see an improvement in the timescale for Planning Inquiries where a significant reduction in 6 weeks is noted.

With the recruitment of additional Inspectors, we can hopefully see further reductions in the timescales of the different appeals soon.

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