Lower Stondon

The site was comprised of two adjacent parcels, each under different ownership. Individually the parcels were not large enough to be of interest to national housebuilders, however, the 14-acre combined site area met the common 100-unit threshold and increased to pool of potential buyers.

Optimis worked with both landowners to find the most suitable purchaser and the mechanism of sale that best suited the landowners’ requirements. Both parcels were sold subject to planning to a national housebuilder. Optimis continue to work on behalf of the landowners as the buyers obtain a planning consent.

• Undertook review of our client’s property.

• Identified land suitable for development.

• Contacted neighbouring landowners to increase the development area, extending the list of potential buyers for the land.

• Secured an access to the site from neighbouring land

• Sought offers from a select group of reputable developers and housebuilders

• Reviewed bids and identified the best offer, both in commercial terms and deliverability

• Negotiated with purchaser on landowners’ behalf

• Worked with solicitors throughout contractual negotiations

• Continue to work on behalf of landowners throughout the planning process

• Identified landowner’s property capable of delivering residential development

• Worked with other landowners to maximise the land’s value and deliverability

• Sought offer from the buyer that could offer the best commercial terms, in the most timely manner

• Improved terms for the landowners

• Optimis enabled access to be gained across both parcels

• Land sold subject to planning to national housebuilder

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