Planning consent granted for extensions at a property in Fulham, London

Optimis is pleased to have secured planning permission for an additional floor at roof level, a rear extension and the formation of a roof terrace to enlarge an existing 3. floor flat in Fulham.

 The original application was refused in September 2017 as the development was considered unacceptable in terms of visual amenity, specifically the design, scale, height and location of the additional floor.

 The subsequent, revised application was submitted in March 2018. Optimis assisted the architect and home owner in providing preliminary advice on the required amendments to the proposed development in order for it be acceptable by the LPA and also prepared a detailed Justification Report that was submitted alongside the revised application. The report effectively and thoroughly contended the previous reason for refusal whilst recognising a small degree of changes had been made to the scheme to overcome the LPA’s concerns. As a result, the LPA was satisfied with the proposed revisions and granted planning permission.

 Author: Leila Cramphorn

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