Planning consent granted for community-led development in Stondon, Bedfordshire

Optimis is delighted to have secured a planning consent for a community-led development in Stondon, Bedfordshire, earlier this month. Optimis has collaborated with the Parish Council, local organisations and the Council over the past five years to present a development that is truly community-led and drives to the heart of the Localism Agenda. Having established the needs of the village for improved school, recreation and village hall facilities in 2013, Optimis has worked with local landowners to deliver the much needed facilities in association with a 40 dwelling project. The residential development will provide the funding to deliver over £1m of new facilities and the project received Council approval, subject to a legal agreement, in October. Optimis is now working with landowners to secure a development partner to ensure that the facilities are delivered on a comprehensive basis and at the earliest opportunity.

Author: Justin Wickersham

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