Optimis volunteers with the Wildlife Trust

Optimis Consulting help the Wildlife Trust

The team at Optimis was delighted to be given the opportunity to spend a day working alongside the Hedgerow Havens Project Officer from Berks, Bucks & Oxon Wildlife Trust, hedge planting and learning a little about the wildlife that inhabits the hedges.

The day was spent planting a variety of native shrubs and trees like hawthorn, blackthorn, field maple, hazel and buckthorn at a site near Weedon, Aylesbury.

It was a thoroughly rewarding and enjoyable day, the sun shone, we had time for a pub lunch, and the team finished planting around 140 metres of hedgerow which will help provide shelter and food for a range of wildlife including birds, badgers and hedgehogs. The hedgerow will also provide connecting routes and corridors for wildlife to move throughout the area, as well as providing a net gain in biodiversity.

The Wildlife Trusts look after more than 90,000 hectares of land including all types of British habitat. Since their inception Wildlife Trusts have worked with local landowners and farmers to care for land in a way that benefits wildlife. Combining local knowledge, skills and expertise with an understanding of current legislation and funding, their specialist staff can help you to get the most for wildlife from your land. They provide advice to farmers, local community groups, councils, and other environmental organisations.

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