Non-material amendments accepted for 4 basement apartments in Westminster, London

Optimis is pleased to have received agreement from City of Westminster that the proposed re-routing of gas mains and alterations to entrance gates are non-material following the grant of the original planning permissions in 2016.

In light of the Grenfell Tower fire, the gas pipes serving the properties required re-routing along the outside elevation. In addition, the approved drawings for the entrance gates placed the gates hinge on the wrong side, which would have disrupted access to and from the properties. Revised drawings showing the gate hinges in the correct position were submitted as part of the non-material amendment.

Optimis demonstrated through the application submission that the proposed alterations were sufficiently minor in terms of their scale and impact (both individually and cumulatively) in planning terms, whilst having regard to the overall scope of the previously approved development, to constitute non-material amendments.

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