Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government – Updates (30th January 2018)

The NPPF timetable states that a draft revised framework is due to be published by Easter and following this a final revised version in summer of this year. This will aim to implement other revised policy reform documents and take into consideration the most recent budget and the existing NPPF.

In light of the above timetable for the draft revised framework, the new standardised method will apply to any plans submitted before the final revised Framework is published.

Furthermore, changes are being discussed through a consultation in February regarding pre-commencement conditions. One suggestion is that the LPA will no longer require written agreement from an applicant before imposing pre-commencement conditions, provided:

the local planning authority has given notice in writing to the applicant that, if planning permission is granted, they intend to impose the pre-commencement condition specified in the notice; and the applicant does not provide a substantive response to the notice by the date specified in the notice.

Author: Leila Cramphorn

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