Granny annexe subdivision allowed at isolated house

An application was granted planning permission for the reconstruction of a dwelling with granny annexe in 2003 by Devon District Council (DDC). A Section 73 application seeking the variation of condition 5, to enable the annexe to be used for residential accommodation independently from the main dwelling, was refused in June 2017. It was noted that the use of the annexe as an independent dwelling would be contrary to local policy due to its location in the countryside. Following the application’s refusal, an appeal was lodged and allowed in September 2018.

The Inspector noted that the new dwelling would be disconnected from community facilities, however, the NPPF 2018 highlights there is an exception for ‘isolated homes’ in the countryside. Paragraph 79(d) states that the subdivision of an existing dwelling could be considered acceptable in isolated areas. Therefore, in accordance with national policy, the variation of condition 5 was considered acceptable by the Planning Inspector.

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