Government Pledge to Fund £15 Million Garden Communities Programme

Housing minister Stuart Andrew has announced 15 million in funding to support the delivery of thousands of homes in garden communities across England. By 2025, the government expect to produce 16,000 new homes annually via this method.

The growth and promotion of Garden Communities is not a new pursuit. Research by Litchfields in 2019 regarding the Government’s Garden Communities programme had revealed that out of the previous 49 projects set out for regeneration, only 3% had been fully completed since 2014.

New funding seeks to bring garden communities to the top of the agenda in terms of housing delivery. It will go towards regenerating Long Marston in Warwickshire, Halsnead Garden Village in Knowsley and West Carclaze Garden Village. These investment efforts coincide with the government’s levelling- up mission. The revised Garden Communities programme supports house building in 43 towns and villages to which funding will be allocated respectively.

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