Does the idea of ‘Floating Cities’ hold any potential?

An article by BBC News on the 7th April 2019 considered whether the concept of floating cities, that would allow humans to live permanently on areas of earth covered in water, is fantasy or future.

The article notes that recent steps, such as the formation of a new UN partnership, indicate that the development of floating cities may be closer than we thought. Its implementation would provide a solution to overcrowding in modern day cities, however, some are concerned this method amounts to a quick fix in response to sea levels rising and therefore it does not address the dangers of climate change.

Oceanix, that specialises in the design and construction of floating cities, have developed a vision for ‘Oceanix City’. This proposes the use of anchored hexagonal platforms joined together to produce communities. The proposals are being reinforced by extensive consideration of waste management, water engineering, marine regeneration and energy efficiency under these circumstances.

The BBC News article also demonstrates that this concept has potential and notes that the primary barriers to this form of development reside in psychological and financial barriers rather than technical ones.

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