Bedford Borough Local Plan Review 2040 – Upcoming Development Strategy Consultation

Following the adoption of the Bedford Borough Local Plan 2030 in January 2020, Bedford Borough Council was required to commence an early review of their development plan strategy and policies.

As part of the review, the updated Local Plan will be required to allocate additional land for the development of a further 12,500 homes.

Bedford Borough Council has approved a Development Strategy Topic Paper to publicly consult on potential development strategies for the new housing required across the Borough.

The Development Strategy document sets out several strategies, including allocating land for development in the following locations:

Within the urban area (sites within the urban area boundary)
Adjoining the urban area (all or part of the site is within 0.5 miles of the urban boundary)
Village related growth (Key Service Centres and Rural Service Centres)
New settlements (Colworth, Little Barford, Twinwoods, Wyboston,)
A421 transport corridor with rail-based growth (stations at Kempston Hardwick, Stewartby and Wixams and at a location between St Neots and Temspford).
Transport corridor – growth focused on Kempston Hardwick, Stewartby and Wixams stations
Transport corridor – south (the parishes of Cotton End, Elstow, Kempston Rural, Shortstown, Wilstead and Wootton).
Transport corridor – east (the parishes of Cardington, Cople, Great Barford, Little Barford, Roxton, Willington and Wyboston)
Transport corridor – growth focused on new settlements in the A421 corridor (Little Barford and/or Wyboston).

The consultation period will run from 28th June to 3rd September 2021. Updates to follow as further information becomes available.

We would recommend any interested parties contact Optimis Consulting for assistance responding to this consultation, as these responses will help to shape the development strategy for Bedford Borough.

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