Bedford Blues, Dean Adamson talks about his time with Optimis

Over the past few weeks, I have had the pleasure of working with Optimis Consulting. As I have already studied Real Estate and Property Investment at Nottingham Trent University, I was keen to get an insight into the ‘real life’ business working environment. As Optimis sponsor me at the local rugby club (Bedford Blues), I thought it would be a great opportunity to gain a valuable insight into the industry.

During my time at Optimis, I have worked with the Land Department. I have taken on tasks that are current, looking at the prospects of developing around the Bedfordshire area, looking at the local plans and assessing the need for housing in the area. As part of this, I have also undertaken site searches whereby you look for suitable land for residential homes or care homes, searching any constraints and carrying out how many units you could provide within the current local plans, then overall working out a gross development cost.

I have had the opportunity of attending various meetings in London. One was with an architecture firm, discussing various work they do and listening to how they can work with Optimis in the future. I then sat in a meeting with several land owners that Optimis are working on behalf of. We looked at the implications of a current project that is affecting the land that they own. This meeting was extremely valuable, meeting high profile Lawyers and Property Agents.

As someone who has studied and is interested in the property world, this work experience has given me valuable experience that will useful for my future property career. Learning on hand with Optimis has given me a real insight into the industry.

Optimis is a lovely place to work, with great people who are very helpful and who like to celebrate all the success that this fantastic company brings.

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