A brief look into Site Searching

Have you ever wondered how Optimis Consulting identifies suitable sites for development, deciding if land has development potential often takes into account many conflicting factors and is a multifaceted process.

We frequently search for suitable parcels of land, whether we are searching on behalf of developers, looking to identify our own sites for promotion or appraising land on behalf of landowners. There are a number of factors that we look into before deciding if the site has development potential. The flowchart below gives you an indication of what this process looks like.

We tailor our site searches to a client’s specific criteria, whether it be looking for greenfield strategic land, brownfield redevelopment opportunities or vacant commercial plots. Our involvement can vary on a case by case basis and we are accomplished in all aspects of the acquisition process. If you have land to sell we use similar factors to appraise your sites development potential and will use our expertise to form a sales strategy. We seek to maximise opportunities in commercial terms by assessing development potential on a case by case basis, only pursing the sites with real planning merit.

Please get in touch with either Charlotte Self or Lauren White from our land team to hear more about our site searching services or for an initial appraisal of your land.

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