Land for Sale

Expertise in acquiring and disposing of land for development

We provide an independent bespoke service that takes the acquisition or disposal of land from an initial idea through a dedicated service to completion of the transaction.

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Planning Services

Extensive experience in dealing with a wide range of development proposals

We provide clients with sound planning advice which also considers the commerciality of our clients’ sites.

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Optimis is a dynamic, multi disciplinary team. We provide expert, innovative and flexible advice to landowners, developers, community groups, businesses and rural enterprises with an interest in land and property.

Our detailed knowledge of the planning and development industry and enthusiastic approach to achieve the best for our clients sets us apart from the competition.

We embrace localism and our approach to community engagement benefits local communities and our clients.

Not only do we strongly advocate engaging with the community in our professional advice, but as a company we are proud to invest in our local community, through sponsorship, fundraising and giving free advice to community groups.

we can help with pragmatic strategy

providing assistance to developers and landowners